Sunday Worship is back!

We are meeting this Sunday, 5/31 at noon. Since the Hotel Del will not be open again for sometime, so are meeting at Living Waters Church in Coronado.  They are being very gracious and letting us use their space for our worship. Please read the guidelines below for attending worship in person,  There is no pressure to come to the service, so if you prefer to stay at home and worship, that is perfectly fine.  We will be streaming the service live on YouTube Live just for that reason!  

Sunday's service will probably be shorter that usual (no more that an hour) and will be filled with a-lot of celebration, praising God through amazing worship, reading of His word, and praying for one another.  If you have a word from The Spirit to share, or a specific praise to share of what God was/is doing with you in this season, let me know by sending me an email (  

We want to let the Holy Spirit guide our time of worship!

ALSO - since the sanctuary needs to be cleaned before and after our service, we are looking for volunteers to commit to serving the church and coming early or staying late to sanitize.  

Thank you in advance! It going to be so GOOD!!


"Love each other, As I have loved you."

Catch up on our past sermon series. 

Our Weekend Service

When you walk through the front door you can expect to be greeted by loving people that will make you feel at home and welcomed. The Sandy Feet family values the importance of family and showing genuine love. We love because He first loved us. Come as you are! Cameron and Chris normally give the message wearing t-shirts and board shorts or jeans with bare feet. Dress up if you want to - or don't. We're called Sandy Feet for a reason. 


Sometimes parking on Coronado can be difficult. 

We have a solution for you! 

This is a free lot to park in. It is right across from pastor Cameron's condo. From here it is a very short walk to the Hotel Del. 

Location and Time

10:00 am every Sunday

We gather in Grande Hall. This building is located next to the main hotel. Our flag will be waving in the ocean air out front of the door. 

Teaching from Scripture

We build up on Sunday to send out on Monday.

Our Sunday mornings are "Unapologetically Christian." We dig into the word of God with the intention of being challenged, encouraged, and edified. We believe that scripture teaches Sunday morning is ultimately for the believers. Since this is the case, we do not water down the word or our worship. It is all deep. That way, we can go out all week and live on mission in a way that is simple for the lost to understand. 

Gospel Worship

The worship at SFC is deep and gospel saturated. Part of being built up on Sunday means that our worship is very intentional. We want our attention to be fully focused in our Savior. Come check out what makes our worship so vibrant.