My personal vision for

Sandy Feet Church

In 2014 I experienced a personal tragedy that forever changed my life. I came to question many of the things I thought were important.  My faith was tested almost to the point of breaking.  I left the ministry feeling defeated, having made many mistakes and experiencing a sense of failure. With time and through the loving care of godly friends and family, God restored me. My Father in Heaven healed much of my brokenness (still a work in process) and showed me that His love is unconditional and His adopting me as his child through faith in Jesus is permanent. My life still mattered!  I was valued and loved beyond measure, and the King of the universe was still my Lord, Savior, and friend.


My vision is to bring together a group of like-minded believers who desire to live out the abundant life that God desires for us. To have their hope renewed in a faith made strong in a Father that is perfect and loves them perfectly. I believe God desires a church that is real and honest about their fears, failures, as well as their successes in life. A church where we live out the teachings of Jesus, even as we teach others what we learn.  A church where anyone is welcome just as they are, knowing that they won’t stay that way as we experience the incredible life God has promised. A church where “the show” has already happened at the cross of Jesus, and now we simply desire to be a family that loves and serves God together. A Church without the trappings of religion or the pretending of faith.


To that end, I pray for Sandy Feet Church to be planted with the promise of freedom and hope, deep in the hearts of the people along the shores of Coronado and surrounding communities. May God bless us richly.