Our Beliefs

Lives centered on the Gospel of Christ

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Our Distinctive's

We believe that the Gospel is the power of God for salvation through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ. He saved us for the purpose of glorifying God and participating in his mission of saturating the world through making disciples.

We believe the gospel has a past, present and future reality that continues to work in us. We have been saved from the penalty of sin (past reality), the power of sin (present reality) and the presence of sin (future reality).

We believe that we have been given a new identity in Christ and have become a Family of Missionary Servants and Children of God sent by the power of the Spirit to serve our King in fulfilling his mission to be disciples who make disciples.

What We Value

The Bible: God's word is the foundation for all we do.  We acknowledge the importance of being taught the value of its truth. 

Discipleship:  The call on every believer to be a disciple sent out to make other disciples. We do that by being fluent in the gospel and finding ways to declare that message to the people in our lives.

Family:  As united family members in the kingdom of God, our new identity in Christ is based on being one of His dearly beloved children.  We are called to me missionary servants to these communities and walk alongside each other.

Life:  God wants us to live an abundant life and live life to the fullest. Being his child is FUN! We seek to live life in obedience to the teachings of Jesus Christ and experience the best life can offer!

How We Live Out Our Values

Church is not a place, time, nor event!   

We are the church!  We gather for a family meal and we are intentional to share our lives and proclaim the Gospel message to each other.   

We build up on Sunday to be sent out on Monday 

We gather together on Sunday morning to study, learn, worship and pray in order to fill out hearts, minds and souls with  the truth of the good news of the Gospel as the standard for our daily lives.